Watch the Watchers Safety Best Practice

Facility name: Ocala Regional Medical Center

Project name: OCALMC-092018M-Vertical Bed Expansion
Location: OCALA, FL
Project classification: Hospital – Vertical Expansion
Project type: Acute Care
Project number: 3092700031
Lesson Learned number: 22
Impact: Quality, Safety

Lesson Learned/Best Practice

While doing site visits, we observed the need for further education on the “Watchers” ( People in charge of looking out for their trades work as described above).  Not that there was necessarily an issue with their approach, we felt we could educate them to be more effective and point out more items to ”watch” while spotting.  ” Watch The Watchers” Our responsibility will always involve keeping those in charge of critical activities such as – Fire watch, Fall exposure & Risk mitigation, accountable and responsible. Due diligence is critical and is an essential core responsibility.

Suggested Actions for Future Projects

While all crews have ”watchers’ above and below when working we have implemented a 20/20/20 program that is very effective. It is a simple practice that has a positive impact on the fast changing environments we find ourselves working. 20/20/20 is defined as the following: Every 20 minutes , Take 20 Seconds to look 20 feet in all directions. We find this can have a great/positive impact on the project. Our number one goal is to always protect the facility as well as the staff, family, and patients. Looking around at our surroundings frequently helps maintain the ability to identify any exposure that could happen so we can address immediately.

Re-Education on certain spotting trends. Having more people on watch as workers progress through the area laying out, cutting in, or grinding for their hanger layout and steel erection. Tuesdays safety meeting was geared towards suggested actions when spotting.

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