Vavle Location Maps and Tags

Facility name: P-SL Medical Center

Project name: PRSTLK-022017P1-Surgery Renovation
Location: DENVER, CO
Project classification: Hospital – Renovation
Project type: Acute Care
Project number: 2720000020
Lesson Learned number: 140
Impact: Cost, Schedule, Quality, Safety

Lesson Learned/Best Practice

It has been stressed by our HCA construction manager to inform all on site personnel of the location of shutoff valves in case of an emergency. Layton took it upon ourselves to create a map that is hung in different areas throughout the construction space that shows the location of all shutoff valves in our construction area. We have also implemented valve tags that hang down so the valves can be easily identified.

Suggested Actions for Future Projects

At the beginning of the project create a map that identifies shutoff valve locations and hang valve tags so that shutoff valves can be easily identified. 


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