General Conditions (Div 00 00 00)

Communication with specific department leadership/staff regarding construction schedule

Facility name: Methodist Hospital

Project name: METHOS-102013P4-ED Renovation
Location: San Antonio, TX
Project classification: Hospital – Renovation
Project type: Acute Care
Project number: 3938500016
Lesson Learned number: 38
Impact: Schedule

Lesson Learned/Best Practice

There was a 1 week delay to construction activities during the first week because the ED department was not ready to vacate some rooms.  This will be avoided in the future by integrating specific department staff in schedule conversations further in advance.

Suggested Actions for Future Projects

Specific departments should be contacted directly to coordinate construction activities after coordinating with the DPO or construction manager of the facility.  Ensure regular communication with department leadership as part of construction updates.

Display of Last Planner System Boards

Facility name: East Florida Division Office

Project name: DAVHOS-102018M-New Hospital (NOVAMC)
Location: Davie, FL
Project classification: Hospital – New
Project type: Acute Care
Project number: 3597900001
Lesson Learned number: 19
Impact: Schedule, Quality

Lesson Learned/Best Practice

Put Last planner weekly work plan boards in the field, instead of office.  Applying last planner on larger projects require a different approach with Last planner, such as moving all planning boards to the field.

Suggested Actions for Future Projects

Putting last planner weekly work plan boards in the field has been extremely valuable, and has helped to encourage trades to actually build off the plan. This has also allowed for daily huddles to happen easier in the field, where the work happens. Foremen are meeting daily to discuss constraints and work that needs to be done each day.

Actions Taken / Current Status

Added to LPS Playbook