Sufficient Pre Test and Balance

Facility name: Swedish Medical Center

Project name: SWEDIS-052018M-Hybrid OR Renovation
Project classification: Hospital – Renovation
Project type: Acute Care
Project number: 2710000029
Lesson Learned number: 134
Impact: Cost, Schedule

Lesson Learned/Best Practice

As part of EDI, include sufficient Pre-T&B of existing equipment as well as additional investigative work when tying into existing older equipment and ductwork.

Suggested Actions for Future Projects

Ensure that not only are flows adequate from the mechanical units and chillers, but also that adequate CFM or flow is available when adding capacity to the existing system.

Ensure there are no existing obstructions or improper existing valve orientations that will delay commissioning of the system or proper design operation.

If there are existing systems that feed a space, obtain air readings prior to the start of construction in order to have air comparisons after final TB is conducted. In addition to traverse readings, it is necessary to test the entire system at all diffusers, VAVs, and even AHU itself for pressure testing, air exchanges, and sound levels. This is inclusive of all areas associated with the same air system, even outside the construction space. This is an important step in Design Development but even more crucial throughout each Phase of a project to obtain readings in locations that would not have been accessible during EDI. It shall also include verified air exchanges per hour.



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