Security Camera Placement

Facility name: Brandon Regional Hospital

Project name: BRADON-052017M-Lakeland FSER
Location: BRANDON, FL
Project classification: Free Standing Emergency Room
Project type: FSED
Project number: 3091700021
Lesson Learned number: 108
Impact: Safety

Lesson Learned/Best Practice

Final placement of the security cameras with the generator yard was not ideal.  The view of the entrance door was blocked by the height of the generator itself.  Camera had to be shift toward the center of the enclosure to get a better view.

Suggested Actions for Future Projects

Review the security camera placement with HCA.  Then double check that there are no obstructions to that view (generators, trees, other large landscaping items, ceiling bulkheads, etc).  

Actions Taken / Current Status

HCA comment:  The best practice is to have HCA’s Physical Security staff to check the cameras after placement for obstructions.

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