Roofing Membranes

Facility name: Memorial Health UMC Savannah

Project name: MEMSAV-032018M-Children’s Hospital
Location: SAVANNAH, GA
Project classification: Hospital – New & Renovation (Blend)
Project type: Acute Care
Project number: 2696000002
Lesson Learned number: 5
Impact: Quality

Lesson Learned/Best Practice

Per project specifications and approved submittals, standard TPO membrane is to be used on roof curbs and parapet walls, while fleeceback TPO membrane is to be used on all other roofing surfaces. Fleeceback TPO membrane is an ideal application on large, continuous roofs, but the fleeceback only contains a 2″ weldable section on a single side of the membrane for lapping. This constraint produces a considerable amount of double lap stripping on congested roofs, resulting in an non-uniform appearance and introducing the possibility for puddling at these laps. The third floor roof on the Children’s Hospital is especially congested, with a significant amount of tightly packed roof curbs and parapets. Current project specifications do not account for project specific conditions- in this case, an extremely congested roof. 

Suggested Actions for Future Projects

We suggest incorporating standard TPO membrane into design specifications for roofs with a high number of mechanical equipment or roof penetrations.

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