Refurbished Equipment

Facility name: Medical Equipment Lessons Learned

Project name: Medical Equipment Lessons Learned
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Project type: Other
Project number: 0000000000
Lesson Learned number: 14
Impact: Cost

Lesson Learned/Best Practice

Soma is a HPG contract vendor that sell refurbished equipment for significantly less costs than new.  A number of these items are the same make and model that MEM purchases new today.  MEM has obtained a listing of HCA facilities (Acute Care & ASD) that have purchased refurb equipment using RCap funds. 

Suggested Actions for Future Projects

If a ME Manager has a corporate construction project at a facility that has utilized Soma for refurbished equipment previously utilizing RCap funds, ME Manager can bring forth opportunity to utilize refurb equipment for the corporate project.  Additionally, if a project is having a budget problems, the use of refurbished equipment is a lever to procure same type equipment at a lower costs.    

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