Method of Procedures review with facility personnel

Facility name: Memorial Health UMC Savannah

Project name: MEMSAV-092018M-3rd and 4th Floor Shell Buildout
Location: SAVANNAH, GA
Project classification: Hospital – Shell Buildout
Project type: Acute Care
Project number: 2696000011
Lesson Learned number: 36
Impact: Cost, Schedule, Quality, Scope

Lesson Learned/Best Practice

When working within active facilities which may have been altered from the original construction documents following construction completion or during construction without being properly as-built; implement and maintain a thorough Method of Procedures to be reviewed by contractors and facility partners alike prior to any work taking place.  It is extremely important that seasoned facility workers be involved in planning, with a working knowledge of any changes that may have taken place within the building, to maintain operation throughout the years.

Submit Method of Procedures within a timely manner, giving adequate time to rehearse walk-through’s prior to activities taking place, and follow up with after action reviews discussing elements which can be improved upon or sustained.

Suggested Actions for Future Projects

Work closely with knowledgeable facility partners/subcontractors and rehearse activities in sequence or conduct “dry runs” prior to construction efforts taking placing utilizing reviewed and approved MOP’s.   Adjust MOP’s following the “dry run” and implement changes which need to take place prior to performing the actual work effort.

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