Med Gas Capacity

Facility name: CJW Medical Center

Project name: CJWJWC-122018M-ORTHO/NICU Expansion (Johnston Willis)
Location: RICHMOND, VA
Project classification: Hospital – Renovation
Project type: Acute Care
Project number: 3463200010
Lesson Learned number: 102
Impact: Cost, Schedule, Safety

Lesson Learned/Best Practice

Design/facility/vendor review of capacity of med gas tank farm to accommodate expansion per projects.

Suggested Actions for Future Projects

Confirm vendor (Airgas/PraxAir) will certify the system at current capacity with the addition of med gas added per project.

Actions Taken / Current Status

HCA comment: When adding additional service to the existing medical gas system  the design engineer is to review the scope of project with vendor to verify capacities.


expansion, oxygen, addition

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