Mechanical and civil work coordination

Facility name: Lake Nona Hospital

Project name: Lake Nona-102018M- New Hospital
Project classification: Hospital – New
Project type: Acute Care
Project number: 2689500001
Lesson Learned number: 57
Impact: Cost, Schedule

Lesson Learned/Best Practice

It was discovered after (2) 1750 gallon grease interceptors were set and piped in the loading dock drive area that the tops of the precast box structures would be protruding significantly above the designed civil paving grade elevation as a result of the pipe invert elevation specified on the plumbing drawings forcing the grease interceptor structures to be set high.

Coordination between underground plumbing design and civil grading & drainage should be exercised to ensure any specified pipe invert elevation per a plumbing design drawing coordinates with civil grades to ensure structure and pipe coverage is adequate.

Suggested Actions for Future Projects

During a plan review or plan check opportunity with the Early Design Involvement (EDI) contractor team, the plumbing design scope which engages with the civil design scope should be reviewed to confirm the take over point is properly coordinated and specified plumbing or civil structures which must interact or connect between the two design disciplines do not foul or conflict.

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