Landscape design

Facility name: Medical City McKinney

Project name: MCMKNY-102017M-BH & Rehab Relocation
Location: MCKINNEY, TX
Project classification: Hospital – Horizontal Expansion
Project type: Psych
Project number: 3833300011
Lesson Learned number: 147
Impact: Cost, Quality, Safety

Lesson Learned/Best Practice

BH concerns with Landscaping design and coordination with camera location to take into consideration – tree locations, rose bushes, camera views, very specific to behavioral facilities

Suggested Actions for Future Projects

Include final landscape design, to include specific types of vegetations, sizes and not just locations, and overlaid with final security camera locations.  Key considerations; potential camera review by landscaping for potential obstructions, possible patient safety or elopement considerations due vegetation sizes and location. Required attendees for review, corporate security, designated facility point of contact, design team including landscape architect.


Behavioral Health, landscaping, security cameras

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