Installation of prefab bathroom pods

Facility name: Northeast Methodist Hospital

Project name: NRETME-092018M-Inpatient Expansion
Location: LIVE OAK, TX
Project classification: Hospital – Vertical Expansion
Project type: Acute Care
Project number: 3438500010
Lesson Learned number: 24
Impact: Quality

Lesson Learned/Best Practice

During the rigging of the bathroom pods. JED noticed that the spreader bar made it difficult for riggers to adjust landing in roof access. Depending on how the pod would be picked the spreader bar made the overall width larger than the pod itself.  An adjustable spreader bar would have helped for a smoother transition down the roof access hole on to level 5.


Suggested Actions for Future Projects

The solution is to have an adjustable spreader bar and straps to help with rigging of prefab bathroom pods.

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