Improvements in Third Party Owned Buildings

Facility name: Ogden Regional Medical Center

Project name: OGDNMC-012020M-New Rehab Unit
Location: OGDEN, UT
Project classification: Hospital – Shell Buildout
Project type: MOB
Project number: 3441500009
Lesson Learned number: 182
Impact: Cost, Schedule, Quality, Scope

Cost impact: $65,000 Schedule impact: 10 days

Lesson Learned/Best Practice

For HCA Tenant Improvement Projects located in 3rd Party Owned Buildings, verify existing construction is suitable to allow work to start and avoid schedule delays.

Suggested Actions for Future Projects

HCA Design and Construction, the Design Team, and the Contractors should walk the area as soon as access is available to review the existing construction conditions.

At any point during planning, design, or pre-construction that a non-compliant issue arises, it should be communicated to all parties so solutions can be determined prior to planned construction start.


New 3rd Party Owned Medical Office Building utilizing Fiber Mesh Concrete Reinforcement in slabs which lead to severe cracking and fiber “residue” in existing slab. Cracking is a structural issue that needs review by a structural consultant. “Residue” of Fibers on the face of the slab affects flooring installations and required a planned solution.


3rd Party Owned Buildings, Severe Slab Cracking, Fiber Mesh Reinforcing Residue, Renovation

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