Improved Lab Equipment Information

Facility name: Swedish Medical Center

Project name: SWEDIS-052018M-Hybrid OR Renovation
Project classification: Hospital – Renovation
Project type: Acute Care
Project number: 2710000029
Lesson Learned number: 133
Impact: Cost, Quality, Scope

Lesson Learned/Best Practice

The existing Lab Equipment (model numbers, infrastructure hook-ups, technical requirements, etc.) has to be assessed with a view to the new layout and design. This exercise is best performed by a Lab Equipment expert. At Swedish, ESa was asked to perform this equipment accounting function. It was not efficient, and it could have been more effective were a consultant or the Facility/Owner involved. 

Suggested Actions for Future Projects

HCA Equipment Manager shall quantify existing equipment and coordinate with the Architect/Engineer on the new layout. 


Specialty Consultant, Lab Equipment, Equipment Layout

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