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Facility name: Medical Equipment Lessons Learned

Project name: Medical Equipment Lessons Learned
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Project type: Other
Project number: 0000000000
Lesson Learned number: 15
Impact: Cost

Lesson Learned/Best Practice

HPG has established a quarterly group buy program which offers the potential of additional discounts on certain categories of equipment.  These group buy opportunities offer additional discounts over and above HPG contract pricing.  In return for the additional discounts, there is a window of when the PO must be isused and when the equipment must be delivered.  ME Managers receive the quarterly categories of group buys available and if the time window fits within the construction schedule, they work with HPG to get pricing concessions.

Suggested Actions for Future Projects

ME Managers will assess these group buy opportunites on a project by project basis and will take advantage of any group buy opportunity that fits within the timeline of the project schedule. 

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