Florida – Roofing Schedule

Facility name: UCF Lake Nona Medical Center

Project name: Lake Nona-102018M- New Hospital
Project classification: Hospital – New
Project type: Acute Care
Project number: 2689500001
Lesson Learned number: 157
Impact: Schedule, Quality

Schedule impact: 25 days

Lesson Learned/Best Practice

Roofing NOA/FPA requires that any TPO roofing system installed on a structural slab with poly iso board must be mechanically fastened every 18″ o.c. If this installation is performed during the “rainy season” (May – Sept), roofing installation progress is significantly reduced.

Suggested Actions for Future Projects

LWIC should be utilized wherever possible. If this is not feasible, special consideration should be given to the time of year in which the roof is to be installed and appropriate installation durations should be included.


Florida; Roofing

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