Equipment Vendor Communication

Facility name: Los Robles Hospital And Medical Center

Project name: LOSROB-042017P2-Imaging Relocation
Project classification: Hospital – Horizontal Expansion
Project type: Acute Care
Project number: 3055500036
Lesson Learned number: 66
Impact: Cost

Lesson Learned/Best Practice

Lesson learned here is to create a monthly dialogue with HCA’s Medical Equipment vendors who deliver equipment to the project toward completion.

We found a best practice to be creating somewhat of a “monthly newsletter” that goes out to the vendors with site updates, schedule updates, and progress of the project. This helps create a better dialogue with vendors so they know who they are dealing with and who to ask questions and follow up with. This also creates a streamline service so no delivery is showing up late or early. This will be applied to our projects moving forward.

Suggested Actions for Future Projects

Create a monthly newsletter to equipment vendors with site updates, schedule updates, and progress of the project to improve dialogue with vendors and ensure no delivery shows up too late or early.

Actions Taken / Current Status

A monthly vendor newsletter may be useful on some projects and should be considered when appropriate.  Additionally, for all projects, there should be Medical Equipment vendor coordination calls (separate from OAC meetings) starting 120 days prior to the occupancy date.

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