Ductwork coordination with existing systems

Facility name: P-SL Medical Center

Project name: PRSTLK-022017P1-Surgery Renovation
Location: DENVER, CO
Project classification: Hospital – Renovation
Project type: Acute Care
Project number: 2720000020
Lesson Learned number: 21
Impact: Cost, Schedule

Lesson Learned/Best Practice

In the current phase of the OR renovation, there were existing systems that caused the duct layout to change from the drawings. Because of this, duct had to be re-ordered and due to the fabrication time, duct install was delayed which in turn, delayed the electrical rough-in.

Let electrical contractor begin rough-in first to allow time to make duct layout adjustments due to existing conditions and also allow for the duct fabrication time without affecting the schedule.

A new line breach permit has been developed for work when cutting into live systems. This permit has a checklist of items to be completed prior to the task and is required to be signed by the subcontractor supervisor and the general contractor. This ensures that all risks have been accounted for, control measures have been taken, an emergency plan is in place, and backup materials are readily available if needed. Prior to this permit only the pre-task plans were used and employees did not focus on the details of the specific task as all activities for the day are listed on the pre-task plans.

Suggested Actions for Future Projects

As soon as demo is complete moving forward, the electrical contractor should begin rough-in while ductwork is being laid out and fabricated so they can move forward without being held up by the duct install.

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