Construction noise impact on hospital operations

Facility name: Regional Medical Center Of San Jose

Project name: RMCSAJ-052017M-ASC(OP Surgery)
Location: SAN JOSE, CA
Project classification: Hospital – Renovation
Project type: Acute Care
Project number: 0838500026
Lesson Learned number: 83
Impact: Schedule

Lesson Learned/Best Practice

Prior to bidding, find out distances to other departments to see if there are undisclosed noise sensitivities.  Even better would be for this to be part of schematic design, and have it be accommodated in the construction documents.  Have the designers review this during schematic design.

Suggested Actions for Future Projects

Determine in design phases if measures need to be taken for noise and vibration mitigation due to work associated with the current project. Design will ask the Architect and Engineer to engage appropriate consultants to preform this work and will be submitted as a DCA. In renovation work assure that sound attenuation is addressed per applicable codes

Actions Taken / Current Status

Sent to EDI improvement team for consideration


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