Central Energy Plant (CEP) Temporary Plant

Facility name: Orange Park Medical Center

Project name: ORPKMC-102018M-Kitchen Expansion & Renovation
Project classification: Hospital – Renovation
Project type: Acute Care
Project number: 3091300034
Lesson Learned number: 164
Impact: Cost, Scope

Cost impact: $64,000

Lesson Learned/Best Practice

Air-cooled chiller rental agencies have their own operational standards for their equipment which do not always match manufacturer operational standards. A temporary variable primary chilled water system was the basis of design for this project to match the existing chilled water plant configuration. The design team worked with the temporary unit manufacturer to ensure proper operation was being met. However, the rental agency would not allow for the operation of the chillers in a variable primary system. This resulted in added piping and pumps. In addition to this, the rental agency did not provide a control interface for the rental units. This caused for additional control wiring/sequencing for the temporary units.

Suggested Actions for Future Projects

When providing a temporary chilled water plant that utilizes rental air cooled chillers, provide a primary/secondary pumping configuration. Additionally, provide the temporary control system sequence as part of the design. Review the system configuration with the contractors and rental agency to ensure that their internal operational standards are being met and controls can be accomplished.


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