Backflow Preventor in EVS Room

Facility name: Mountainview Hospital

Project name: MTVLAS-102018M-Rehab Expansion
Location: LAS VEGAS, NV
Project classification: Hospital – Shell
Project type: Rehab
Project number: 3281900024
Lesson Learned number: 109
Impact: Cost, Quality, Scope

Cost impact: $1,725

Lesson Learned/Best Practice

At time of user move-in, Sunrise Hospital Engineers requested dedicated backflow preventer to the soap dispenser in the EVS room, so the mop sink and faucet only gets turned on when the mop sink is being used. When this was presented to HCA as a change order they asked Layton document as a Lesson Learned so that HCA design and construction could implement as a standard. The Mountain View project was designed before the lesson learned was documented at Sunrise. The attached picture is what was recommended for the MountainView project and was accepted by the Design team and the facility.

Suggested Actions for Future Projects

Make sure that a backflow preventer is added to the soap dispenser in EVS room for future projects. 

Actions Taken / Current Status

HCA comment:  This practice only applies to facilities that have the soap dispenser in line with the main water system.

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