Anti Ligature Toilet Accessories

Facility name: JFK Medical Center North Campus

Project name: WESTPL-032018M-Behavioral Health Expansion
Project classification:
Project type: Psych
Project number: 3092300007
Lesson Learned number: 132
Impact: Cost, Scope

Lesson Learned/Best Practice

Anti-ligature toilet accessories (paper towel dispenser, toilet paper dispenser, soap dispenser) were listed as “owner furnish, contractor install” in the design specifications. While it is typical for the facility (owner) to provide toilet accessories, they usually have an agreement through their EVS department to get the accessories at no cost from the vendor who supplies the material goods (paper towels, toilet paper, soap). JFK North’s vendor does not carry anti-ligature accessories, therefore they had to shop around for them. The brought on an unforeseen expense the facility did not account for within their budget.  

Suggested Actions for Future Projects

On Behavioral Health projects, have all anti-ligature accessories be provided by the contractor in lieu of owner furnished, contractor install. 


Behavioral Health

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