Afternoon Prefab Deliveries

Facility name: East Florida Division Office

Project name: DAVHOS-102018M-New Hospital (NOVAMC)
Location: Davie, FL
Project classification: Hospital – New
Project type: Acute Care
Project number: 3597900001
Lesson Learned number: 107
Impact: Schedule, Safety

Lesson Learned/Best Practice

Even though the hospital project had 3 tower cranes, dedicating a crane full time for a day for BLOX deliveries was not optimal. The team elected to start the first BLOX delivery after 3:30pm, when normal production work for the day was wrapping up. This would allow for uninterrupted use of a tower crane and ensured less overall traffic on the floor. This helped to lower congestion on the jobsite during the day and created a calm environment to move multiple 3500lb prefabricated units onto the floors of the hospital. The team saw the multiple benefits of delivering the BLOX units after hours and continued this practice for the rest of the job with great success.

Suggested Actions for Future Projects

Consider bringing in prefab components after normal working hours, to insure most efficient install and minimal congestion. This is especially true when there is heavy use of the project cranes throughout the days.

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