ADA Shower Pans

Facility name: Mercy Hospital

Project name: MERCYH-032019M-Inpatient Rehab Expansion
Location: MIAMI, FL
Project classification: Hospital – Renovation
Project type: Acute Care
Project number: 2611000022
Lesson Learned number: 183
Impact: Cost, Schedule, Quality

Lesson Learned/Best Practice

1. The existing dimensions in the contract drawings were incorrect for the bathroom walls. By the time we set the shower bases the walls were framed and hung. We had to add an additional ½” layer of tile backer to accommodate, and now we have a bump out detail that had to fill with thinset in order to hide the error in dimensions. 2. The tile substrate specified was 3/8” thick instead of the ¼” as on the Inpro details. This caused some issues with the alignment of the tile finish face and the finish of the vertical barriers of the shower base. We had to leave the tile backer further back and have our tile guys build out the delta in order to have the 3/8” material line up flush. 3. Inpro has a unique detail on their installation instructions showing a 1” air gap from the bottom of the tile backer to the receiver on the shower bases. Only the wall finish extends down to sit on the tile ledge of the shower pan. We had to reach out to Inpro to confirm if the air gap was needed and question if this could be an intrusion point for moisture. They advised us to disregard the air gap and said that that detail was only to be followed if we were using the solid surface paneling provided by Inpro as a wall finish material.

Suggested Actions for Future Projects

Conduct infield coordination meeting with all of the trades. Vendor (i.e. Inpro) to provide specific specs to the project. 


Shower Pans, Inpro

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