A3 format for executive summary information on Early Design Involvement (EDI) projects

Facility name: Menorah Medical Center

Project name: MENORA-092018M-Bed Tower Expansion
Project classification: Hospital – Horizontal Expansion
Project type: Acute Care
Project number: 0972300007
Lesson Learned number: 28
Impact: Cost, Schedule, Quality, Scope


Lesson Learned/Best Practice

No single location for all the info (budget, schedule, etc.); No single point used to house high level project information; A3 was utilized later in project to capture and should be utilized earlier.

Creating an A3 summary helped to consolidate high level information.  Update prior to big room meetings; A3 should be utilized earlier in EDI; include current progress towards project goals; HCA used internal A3; Use one standardized A3 throughout EDI

Suggested Actions for Future Projects


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