Smoke Control Inspector and Coordination

Facility name: Mountainview Hospital

Project name: MTVLAS-102018M-Rehab Expansion
Location: LAS VEGAS, NV
Project classification: Hospital – Shell
Project type: Rehab
Project number: 3281900024
Lesson Learned number: 171
Impact: Cost, Schedule, Quality

Cost impact: $59,802 Schedule impact: 15 days

Lesson Learned/Best Practice

 Early Owner Buyout of 3rd Party Smoke Control Inspector to prevent delays in Final Inspections and Occupancy.

Suggested Actions for Future Projects

Coordinate 3rd Party Special Inspection requirements for Smoke Control Systems during CD’s. Design Team to send RFP’s for Special Inspection Agencies and Provide to HCA CM for Approval. Schedule review of smoke control requirements with the GC prior to Smoke Control Testing. Perform Site walk with Inspector and Testing of Existing Systems early in project schedule to identify existing deficiencies and items to be addressed by Facility or Construction Team. 


Smoke Control, Special Inspections, Life Safety Report, Testing

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